Recharge, Refresh, Restart

After a challenging summer, both physically and mentally, I am hopeful that the Fall season is a season of renewal.   Anyone with RA knows the challenge....the effort to try to stay ahead of this chronic illness and keeping your guard up on all sides.   It can be downright exhausting as if the RA doesn't bring enough fatigue to your front door already.

After my 10K run in the Spring, I had a slow, long deep spiral downward.   Typical :)   From feeling like I was on cloud nine, to being flat on the sidewalk.   My joints have remained relatively pain-free thanks to #Humira.   But even with the joint pain being long gone, I have had a real struggle with physical fatigue and depression.    My hope is that the streets, my feet, and writing will help bring me back to the surface. 

My wife and I took a long weekend to visit Charleston, South Carolina.   It was hot and humid, but at the same time it was great to be away from the day-to-day that life throws at us.    We did a lot of sightseeing, a lot of relaxing, and a lot of eating some really great food. 

From the Charleston City Market, to Boone Hall Plantation, the areas was quite beautiful and the inhabitants were as friendly as advertised.   
It generally felt like taking a step back in time as we toured the area.   And I think that it helped to go later in the year after the significant tourist season had slowed.  We spent a day on the Isle of Palms, where the beaches were wide...and wide open.   Fortunately, we were there at a time when the beach was calm and the weather was still sunny and warm.  
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the downtime.  But as I emerge from this months-long funk, and a few days of fun, I have to make myself recharge and get moving.    Tomorrow, Monday, October 7th, I will lace up the Saucony's and get my butt moving...albeit slowly.  We will see where it leads, but I invite you along for the job.  

#Chroniclife warriors, share your thoughts, ideas, inspirations if you have gone through a similar downtime.  How did you re-emerge, what worked best for you, and how did you keep it going?  I'm hopeful this can be a spot to share with others ideas for renewal.

Happy Fall my friends.


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