It's in the books! 10K was a great day.

This past Saturday, in spite of driving rains, I ran the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K in Richmond, Virginia.     Though it rained, the temperatures were moderate,,,, warm enough to feel nice but not so much as to cause overheating.   All in all, it was a great day.
My R.A stayed largely in check until about mile 4.4 when my right knee started to burn on the outside hinge.  I tried to adjust my gait various ways but was unable to calm it down.  But I slowed down, and in fact, walked a bit, but was able to return to a job at 5.2 and go to the finish. 

The YMCA 10K Training team is a wonderful way to stay accountable while learning from and getting encouragement from coaches and fellow runners.  If you have ever considered a long run, I would encourage you to find a similar training team.    Without the knowledge that my friends were waiting, there were many cold and rainy Saturday mornings where I would have stayed in bed. 

What is next?  Perhaps the Memorial Day 5K?   Or perhaps remain consistent. shorter runs with something more significant in the fall.  I will go slow and easy this week while I plot my future.  I am hoping you will come along.


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