The lost week....feeling weak.

Although I have been progressing slowly in my 10K training, I have been progressing so I have felt pretty victorious.   Will I ever be a world-class runner?   Not a chance.   But, I have been keeping Rheumatoid Arthritis at bay and feeling pretty good because of it.   That is, until the last 10 days or so.  If you suffer from #RA or a similar #chronicillness you know what I mean when I say it is as though RA has a mind of its own.   Genuinely, when you are preparing for an event, getting ready to travel, or getting excited about something in the future, it seems to jump out and go on the attack.  I'm not sure if there are things going on inside our bodies to cause this, but it gives the effect that RA is one mean son of a gun that likes to become active when it senses you are doing well.

This past week I traveled to Charleston, SC for work.  It's a lovely city which is friendly and walkable and has a ton of good food to boot.  I was excited to be going to a great city even though I'm not a huge fan of travel, and even though I am approaching midway in my 10K training.    Low and behold, about 10 days out my RA became very active.     My joints ached.....pretty much all my big joints all over.   And fatigue came in and wrecked my energy levels.   Was it travel?  Continued cold and rainy weather?   Air travel?  I don't know, but perhaps a combination.  The last week was of the worst I have had in a while.

This resulted in numerous failures.   I didn't complete either training run this week.   To date, I hadn't missed one but this week I didn't complete one.    I remained in my hotel room for the majority of the trip...which sort of feeds the beast.   It is a vicious don't feel like moving and when you don't move you feel worse.

I returned home Friday to get myself prepared to run on Saturday (and resume #Humira).   I awoke and jumped on the scale, figuring that a week of inactivity and Southern cooking had done severe damage only to find I was just about where I was last week (not good, by the way) at 209.7.    I had a light breakfast and headed off for the team 4-mile training run.   Out of the gates my joints and mind were working against me.  I ran until just over two miles and then began to mix a quick walk with jogs.  I was so frustrated, I ultimately tried to convert the run to interval work, partly to get more benefit and partly to just get it over with.    I ended with a slow and quite honestly miserable run.

My challenge this week will be to shake off the mental frustration and anxiety that this week has planted in my mind.    I will keep you posted.


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