A third of the way there....Team Run #4 is in the books.

I awoke this morning and stepped on my Weight Watcher's Bluetooth scale only to find myself exactly one pound heavier than this time last week--- at an even 209 pounds.  This after a week of pushing myself to pick up the pace, and to add more hilly terrain to my runs.  My hope is that the mileage is still just too short to have the desired effect.

Speaking of mileage, we did a 3.31-mile run this morning on a terrifically hilly course which put us at Team Run #4 out of a ten-week training program.    While I had hoped to be further along at this point, I can at least take solace in the fact that I've been consistent and my R.A. has remained in check.  I am hopeful that the consistency will set the stage for the R.A. to stay in check as the miles pick up. 

YMCA 10 K Training Program
Here, you can see the weekly schedule.  Today was our final team three-mile run and you can see that we hit 4 miles next Saturday, as well as the week following.    You will notice initials beside of the miles, being either CW, IW, and RW. 

CW means conversational workout.   The runs marked CW should be done at a pace to allow for unstrained conversation.  They are used to increase your confidence and bump up your mileage.   I am told that as our mileage increases we will be tempted to try to pick up the pace during our CW runs, which would be a mistake.

IW means an interval workout.   The run calls for a 5 to 10 minute slower warm-up, at a conversational pace and then step up closer to what you want your race pace to be, for about 30 seconds.   Following that, you slow it down for 45 seconds.    You carry this on for six to eight intervals, then use the remaining time to cool down.

RW means recovery workout and the intent is to work at a comfortable pace and work on endurance.   These runs should be done at a more relaxed pace, to keep the muscles working but allow them to recover at the same time.   

Finally, the schedule calls for cross training of your choice.  Some folks walk, some lift, some chill.  I do bodyweight workouts including squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. 

As I type this post, I notice much more stiffness in my ankles and calf muscles due to the hilly nature of the course today.  I am sure that the hills will benefit me, particularly since the race day course is essentially flat.  But I definitely can feel the difference as miles and hills increase.


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