A Day of Contrasts-- 10K Training Team Group Run #2

Group Run #2 started at 7:30 a.m. sharp.   I awoke to a day of contrasts.  As is typical in Central Virginia, our weather dropped from the high 60s on yesterday to 30 degrees this morning, with a daytime high in the 40s expected today.     As I left home to head to the training team meeting spot, the temperature checked in right at 32.   This was a nice bump from last weeks initial run, when we started at 27 degrees.  But I must admit, I thought those five degrees would feel better than they did.  
As a Rheumatoid Arthritis warrior (I feel bad referring to myself as a warrior, but I cannot find a different word that fits better and makes me feel any better), the day began with another stark contrast...a crisp morning run with friends only to return for a biweekly Humira injection.   And though I fought going to a biologic tooth and nail, I must say that Humira has been the best thing that I have tried for my RA, hands down, and by a long shot. 
Week two consisted of a two-mile run.   Beginning next week our weekly mileage will creep up and our Saturday runs will begin to extend.   As I arrived at the run site this morning, I felt invigorated and excited and found myself wishing the run was to be longer than two miles.   I can honestly admit that at the end of the run, I found myself glad for the gradual incremental gains each week.    I tried to pick up the pace on mile two, and while I did improve over mile one, it wasn't nearly as much as I had hoped.   In my mind, I was Usain Bolt,  In reality, I was something different.   Something very different. 
As I wrap up this week of training, I find myself more inspired to step it up in all departments.   While I made strides last week with being more focused and mindful of my eating, I was far from consistent.    Today will be a meal prep day where I work on preparing black beans, pinto beans, and lentils to add some decent protein to my meals.   I intend to work toward following the "slow carb diet" found in Tim Ferris' book, 'The Four Hour Body."   It is relatively simple, if boring, and will make prep and carry fairly easy.   Because of the relative ease, I hope it helps me be consistent.     At weigh-in this morning, I was exactly 208.0 pounds.  That put me down 1.4 pounds from my weigh-in last Saturday morning, but honestly, I suspect that is just normal fluctuation rather than any serious changes on my part.   

If you happen to be an RA Warrior/Runner, I would love your insight and wisdom that you can offer here in the comments.  My blog is two fold---I hope to inspire others and I hope to learn from you.   I wish you all a great weekend.   


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