10K Training- Official training run #2

I was in the dark this morning, literally.  I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. so that I could get up, stretch, hydrate, run and be ready to head to work on time.

The temperature was a balmy 33.9 degrees, which felt like a heat wave compared to Saturdays 21-degree kickoff run.    A couple of things immediately caught my attention--  1.  The sun is a wonderful source of heat and energy.  Running in the dark left me feeling depleted and isolated.   2.  Running alone is less fun than running with a group.    

Even without really "knowing" others on the training team, you definitely feel a sense of purpose and community when you are surrounded by others reaching out for their goals.   The benefit is that it makes me really look forward to my Saturday runs.   This is terrific because the long run of each week will be the Saturday group runs.  Saturdays will kick off a little later, thus allowing for some sunshine.  And Saturday's will involve the whole team.    I will likely seek out some comparable running buds to do some of the mid-week runs just to help foster that sense of community and help keep me going.

Today was a short 2.25 miles...bumping up just a tad from Saturday's run.    Again, I clocked in at a slow 26 minutes or an average of 11'38" each mile.    While these are slow, my initial purpose is to log the miles and get my joints, muscles, and tendons up to snuff while I ease my cardiovascular system into better shape.  The hope is that around week 5 or 6 I can begin to work on picking up my pace.  

I hopped on the scale again this morning and was down one pound from Saturday.  I am certain this is just a fluctuation in water weight because between Saturday and this morning there was a thing called the Super Bowl and I'm the first to admit my eating habits went out the window last night.   As I have gotten older, and have dug in against Rheumatoid Arthritis (introducing a Biologic over the past year) I notice that my weight fluctuates a few pounds very wildly and without any apparent reason.   I am hopeful that as I become consistent in my training runs, my weight trend will be consistent(and downward).  

I will rest tomorrow and be back out on the streets on Wednesday.    As I adapt to running, I am hopeful to add some stretching and functional training on my non-run days, but I don't want to try too much, too soon and hit a wall too early.

As I wrap up writing, I find myself being very grateful.  I am grateful that my RA symptoms have been pretty well controlled as of late and that has let me enjoy starting this journey.   I am grateful that I have a training program that is right around the corner and takes a lot of excuses off my plate.  And, I am grateful my daughter gave me the gift of the training team and 10K for Christmas.

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