10K Training - Day 1

Follow along as I train for a 10K to be held on April 13, 2019, while I run up against rheumatoid arthritis.   I am determined to not let it hold me down and intend to make my 48th year on the planet my best.

Day one of the YMCA 10K Training Team kicked off this morning at 7:30 a.m. EST.  For me, the day began last night.  Prior to calling it a night, I pulled out layers of running clothes, socks and shoes.   As an R.A. sufferer/fighter, I know that I need to eliminate as many possible distractions as possible to help ensure my success at getting my day off on the right foot.  When the day in question is Day One of the training team, and the thermometer is at a cool 21 degrees, I knew to be doubly prepared to avoid disruptions.
As I go through this process, I plan to be an open book in hopes that someone can learn from my challenge and my ultimate success or failure.   I'm convinced that I will learn a great deal about myself over the next 12 weeks, but would be supremely happy if my adventure helps inspire or educates anyone along the way.    I hope too, to learn from you and ask that you freely share any advice that you may have.

In the spirit of being an open book, I stepped on the dreaded scale this morning.   The Weight Watchers blue tooth scale is pretty neat in that it will like with an app on my phone and allow me to track my progress or lack thereof. (Spoiler, at this point there is a lack of progress but the hope is that the next 12 weeks get me going in the right direction.)

At 72" - 6' even- I shook out at a lovely 209.4 pounds and 27.5% body fat measurement this morning.   I know, I know.    Work to be done.    Over the years, I have found that I feel my best and perform at my best when I am at 199 pounds.   I'm not sure how much of it is a placebo effect from breaking the big 200 mark, or if that is my natural best weight.   With that in mind, I set my goal within the app at 200 lbs.

For fuel, I did a simple breakfast of two fried eggs with sweet potatoes topped with a few slices of avocado.  I was aiming for a mix of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fat.  Not sure that on day one I needed to worry about carbs based on the short length of the run, but figured I would start working on a routine now, that should help me later in training.
Protein, Complex Carbs and Healthy Fat  in the form of Avacado

With that, I layered up and was off.  As the weatherman predicted, it was exactly 21 degrees as I left my driveway in route to a local school where the training team met.   What the weatherman had not predicted was a fast-moving coating of snow and ice overnight that stayed perfectly in place due to the cold temperatures.
A tiny amount of snow and ice that fell overnight actually made the roads quite slippery.

Once there we did some dynamic stretching and warm-ups to get the blood flowing to our extremities.   After warm-ups, we headed out for a two mile run for our first effort.    While the coaches had mapped out a route through a pretty neighborhood, the icy hills were a bit much so we did a one-mile loop twice in an area that had little tree cover and allowed the sun to work on the ice.  The ice had the strange effect of making us all run with tiny strides, like a family of penguins heading toward the ocean.    I think I'll probably be sore from this short run simply because I used such an unnatural gait, in fear of being "that guy" who wipes out.    My results were as follows:  Mile 1:  11'40"  Mile 2:  11'33".   Slow, yes, but I managed to keep moving which brought me great joy.   I used my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch to track my run, which links to Samsung Health on my phone.   You will notice in my pic, that I totally forgot to stop the watch when I got back to our start point, so a slow mile 3 shows up as evidence of me talking to the coaches (and sucking wind).    I am hopeful that the tracking provided by my watch helps me find areas for improvement.     

So all-in-all, a successful first day.   The cold wasn't too much to endure and perhaps left me feeling really good about keeping my commitment to run.        As the week progresses, look for my midweek runs, food choices, stretching and exercise that I plan to make a part of my life.  Once our training booklets are released, I will also show the weekly mileage and how we creep the miles up in search of the 6.2-mile completion.       Thanks for reading and I hope you will come along for the ride....errrrr...run.   


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