10K Team Training Run #3- A wintery mess. Old man winter vs. old man runner.

A quick look out meant it would be a rough run.  Sleet was starting to accumulate.
Group run #3 for my 10K training team was yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m.   Here in Central Virginia, we dealt with rapidly reducing temperatures overnight from Friday into Saturday, with a drop of about 35 degrees from late day Friday.  This is typical weather here for the last several years during this period of the calendar.    I awoke to hear the sleet hitting the windows and my initial instinct was to roll over and go back to sleep.  This is where the magic of the 10K training team, sponsored by the YMCA, is magic.   I felt the need to be accountable to the program, so I fumbled out of bed and into warm running clothes.

I start my Saturdays with a quick jump on the scale to check week over week statistics.  Just as I had imagined, I was at 208.0 lbs, right where I was the week prior.    I am beginning to wonder if the running will result in any changes.  However, I know that the weekly totals will being to ramp up pretty good here in the next couple of weeks, so I a cautiously optimistic that with the increased mileage will come decreased bodyweight.    Standby!

The number of runners yesterday morning was down, and I think that is directly related to the messy weather and messy roadways.   Over the course of the morning, we saw sleet, snow, freezing rain, rain, and wind.  It was a mixed bag throughout the morning, with some beautiful patches of big fluffy snowfall. 

In addition to the weather challenges, we ran quite a hilly section of our course this week.   I will not lie, the hills were a big challenge and really left me exhausted and discouraged.  The positive here is that the actual racecourse on April 13th is incredibly flat so my hope is that I will feel the benefit of training on hills when race day arrives...if in fact, I live that long. 

The hills showed up in my lowly and slow pace.    I am encouraged by the consistency.  Or perhaps I am trying to lead myself to believe that I am encouraged to keep from being overcome by discouragement. 

My next solo training run will be an interval practice tomorrow morning.  Later this week, I will do a  write up of the entire twelve-week schedule and I will discuss the concept of the interval runs.

Thanks for reading!   I hope that you have a good week and that you will come back often to see how this goes. 


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