Week Two...and weak too

I kicked off week two of 2019 with a continuation of my morning runs.      While the consistency is coming in, the pace is a little too consistent.    In fact, it's been spot on the same for each run.  Hopefully, with persistence and some weight loss, the pace will quicken.

My runs for the week were on Monday and Friday at the 2.65 mile mark and nearly a twelve-minute pace....lots of work to do.  But at this point, my legs just feel too weak.   I'm hopeful that the long layoff just needs time to be worked out of my system.   However, since my last bout of consistent running and training, I have begun injections with Humira.  I'm not sure if this is having an impact on my energy production, but I feel as though I am running with sandbags tied around my waist.  I'd love to read your comments if you are in a similar situation.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was in our Nation's Capital for work and while I didn't run, I put in about 3 miles per day of walking and tried to keep my pace at a healthy level.   The empty city, as a result of the #shutdown, allowed me to walk a fast clip because traffic was at a minimum.    So at the end of week two, I feel pretty good as to my consistency but not so good as to my pace.  My 10K training team begins on February 2nd, and my goal is to be fully prepared to tear into the training team with some energy and excitement. 

 I close with a question.  Do you run or otherwise exercise while using biologics?  Did you notice an impact on your exercise capacity upon starting biologic?  Any ideas or advice on managing the two?


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