Watch Out!

Samsung Galaxy 3- Frontier
Mrs. Claus (my bride of 26 years) gave me the gift of time this Christmas.   No, she didn't give me longevity or age erasers.  She gave me a really great smartwatch by Samsung.     Previously, I had the Gear S2 which I enjoyed immensely but the key thing lacking in the original model that this model has is GPS.  She gave me the Samsung Galaxy S3-Frontier.  While I am with Verizon and currently do not have an attached data plan, it is possible to get this watch with 4G connectivity to allow for texting and calls without being tethered to the phone.   This will depend largely on your carrier.

I try to be active as a way to combat Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Many of us RA Warriors use activity and exercise as a way to stay healthy and flexible.   I find that when I am regularly active, my disease activity is at it's lowest and I feel most like my old self (or perhaps my new self!).    Thus, I enjoy jogging or running (or some combination of the two mixed with walking... it is effective but it ain't pretty).    Little things help keep me going....being accountable to others (tweeting about my running or a 10K training program), tracking metrics, and meeting folks with similar interests all keep me pointed in the right direction.  Thus, the watch can be a key component of my continued motivation as it allows me to track my progress (or lack thereof). 

So for Christmas, my two most important ladies wife and daugther....took good care of me.  My wife got me the Samsung, and my daughter signed me up for the Monument Avenue 10K and the YMCA 10K Training Team.  The GPS is a big difference maker for me in this regard.  The onboard GPS means that I can track my miles, pace, heart rate, cadence, speed, and topography while my phone stays home.  And, after a couple of days of use, I must say that it seems to do so with accuracy, which isn't always easy to find in the smartwatch arena. 

That watch has a ton of other features from seamlessly incorporating Samsung Health that it syncs with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, to timers and trackers galore.   Additionally, like the S2, I receive push notifications relative to incoming calls, texts, and emails.   I can control the number of such notifications I wish to receive so that I know when I feel a buzz on my wrist it is something important.  The S3 Frontier uses the similar disc style magnetic charging pad that makes it simple to charge as I wrap up my day.   Thus far, battery capacity has been excellent even when using the GPS features.  As I drop the watch on to charge at night, I have noticed it hasn't fallen below 75% charge with regular and active use.

As I get more in-depth usage, and as I track more runs (particularly when I start tracking my training runs for the 10K training team) I will follow up with reviews on the features.   I just wanted to drop a quick note to those considering a smartwatch that they may want to give this one a look- particularly if you are active and wish to use it for exercise.


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