Begin (again) with the end in mind!

In a stunning display of the "fall of man," I again allowed RA to derail my fitness plans.   I am a walking example of on again- off again fitness.   Granted, in my younger days, I was more consistent with training and would be derailed from time to time simply by a changing schedule, work travel, or pure laziness on my part.   But as I have aged, and for the past ten years have gone to battle with RA the reasons for my derailments have been physical and difficult to overcome.      But I refuse to go down for the count, and like many of my fellow RA Warriors, I keep getting up and going back into the ring for more.   When you hit your stride and have a "good run" of exercise that is uninhibited by RA you really feel like a million bucks.  There are days that you think you have crossed some invisible threshold and will never go back to feeling like you did before....only to wake up one morning with the immediate revelation that RA has reared its ugly head and taken you to a bad place.

RA sufferers out there know that with this disease, there are many things in addition to joint pain to cause our battle to be ongoing and everchanging.   We regularly are confronted with stiffness, lethargy and fatigue, and a host of other challenges that make regular exercise difficult, even if we know deep down that it is one key to feeling better. 

So, today I got up at 5:30, had a glass of water, laced up my Saucony running shoes and hit the road.  Granted, it was only two miles.....but it was a glorious morning out and it was made all the more glorious by finally feeling like taking a run. 

Shortly after the start of the New Year, my local YMCA will start a training team for our Spring 10K--the Monument Avenue 10K here in Richmond, Virginia.   At present, I am nowhere near ready to even start the training team.   My hope, made more hopeful after this morning, is that the time between now and then getting back into a flow and preparing my joints, tendons and cartilage to be ready to enjoy the training team.  My hope is that by taking the gentle re-entry approach, I can stave off any flares and be ready to go hard in January.

So here we go, restarting...energized and excited.    If you are in a similar spot or have advice for others who may be in such a spot, please feel free to drop a note and leave your wisdom for others(including me) to learn from.

Wishing you the best and appreciative that you took time to read my post.


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