The Heat is On!

After a handful of days that were a preview fall, Mother Nature turned up the burners once again.   Last week on the Mid-Atlantic East Coast a typical summer storm brought forth three days of near-perfect weather.   The air was light and dry and temperatures were in the 70s for a high during daytime hours. 

I'm not one to wish away summer, but it was unmistakable that the lovely weather was a good thing.   The grass perked up.   Plants lifted their deary leaves.   And, perhaps best of all, my joints were well behaved.   My two runs last week felt light and free. 

This week, we came crashing back to reality.  As I left home today for a work-related trip, the forecast called for a heat index of 105 degrees.  Humidity had again risen.    On Monday morning, I ran at 6:00 a.m. and had difficulty.  The air was thick, damp and heavy.    My joints were flaring and sharing their discomfort.   I had to slow down with my run and still struggled to push out three miles, even at a snail's pace.   

RA can be a cruel and frustrating foe.    It seems to know just how to attack to bring about maximum misery and discouragement.   And it seems to be set off by regular environmental changes.   Temperature, humidity, and bariatric pressure seem to regular triggers for my RA. 

I try to minimize their impact by working out early, preferably before sunrise even when that presents it's own set of risks.   Depending on the forecast I may push a planned run back a day to catch a break in the heat.   I also work to stay hydrated around the clock.    Lastly, I make sure I am up to speed on all my medications in hopes of heading off problems before they get a chance to take hold.

How about you?   Share some of the ways that you beat the heat and humidity to keep your fitness on track.    And in the meantime, hang in there and look forward to the cool dry days ahead.


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