Not worth the weight

After a long work out hiatus, I returned to the pavement this morning with a meek 2.7-mile run.  It was slow painful, but a victorious slow and painful.  

Work has had me out of town for four straight weeks.  While work trips generally give me the chance to run in different places, this trip was different for a variety of reasons and meant little to no working out for that entire stretch.

One thing is for certain....a lack of exercises causes Rheumatoid Arthritis to get more active.   Contrary to what might seem logical, RA seems to get active when the body is inactive.   I would think that the movement and pounding would, in fact, cause RA to flare....for me, it is the steady lack of activity that causes it to rear its ugly head.  I usually notice with a twinge and swelling in the middle knuckle of my middle finger on the right hand.   I can feel a sharp twinge, out of the blue, and I know I have to go into prepare and protect mode.  

So, after another fall from my own program, I begin yet again.   To help add accountability for myself, I will now begin to self-report each day that I write.  I will show the results of my visit to my Bluetooth Weight Watchers scale which reports gross weight, body fat, BMI and water content.   I'll share those numbers in hopes that seeing them, and letting everyone else see them, helps me stay motivated and continue to push forward.

I hope everyone who reads the blog has had a good summer.  Any fun trips that you care to share?

My numbers:   Weight 206.8 (goal is to break 200); Fat: 27.1%; Water 53.4%; Muscle 38.2% BMI 28.1

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