Back with a vengance.

The RA that is.    After many months of low RA activity, great exercise capacity and a general feeling of wellbeing...the RA has reared it's ugly head with a flare.

I had been enjoying much success on Humira injected every two weeks.   When an unexplained rash appeared, my Rheumatologist put the Humuria on hold until we confirmed it wasn't the root cause of the rash.  As part of that process, I missed two injections and then got back on the schedule.  Those two missed injections opened the door for the RA to flare.

What does this mean?  If you follow me because you too battle RA, then you know what it means. But it means extreme fatigue from head to toe.  It means stiff, hot, achy joints in the morning that last at least a few hours.   It means dry eyes and a hoarse voice.   It means not doing much of what makes you happy.

I'm determined to carry on and I have faith that RA will again be suppressed and I can get back to those things that I enjoy....exercise, hiking, lawn work, hanging with family.    Until then, I depend on many of my online friends to keep spirits high and my eyes looking forward.     The online RA community is, thankfully, a tight-knit

If you have been through this----from the high to the low----please share your experiences.  Were there things that you did that you felt helped you to recover and settle the flare?   Did you have any techniques you used to keep your spirits up in the process?


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