What a day to 10K

In short.... we did it!   My daughter and I ran the Monument Avenue 10K this past Saturday morning, along with 30,000 of our closest friends.
Though warmer than any of our training runs, it was a picture-perfect morning.   At the start of the run, it was hovering around 65 degrees.  It was creeping up toward 80 at the finish, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  
My daughter had compassion for her old man.  We ran to the 2.25-mile point where we encountered our first water stop....or SAG (stop and go).  We grabbed a quick splash of water, walked it out for a bit, and then went back to work.  Because of the warmer than expected temperatures, we appreciated each and every water stop along the 6.2 mile path. 

The course was a flat and beautiful out and back on one of the most beautiful streets in America.  Along the way, the route was crowded with friends, cheering spectators and spotted with live music and DJs.  All in all, it was like a 10K party with a bunch of friendly people.

My RA remained largely in check, thanks in part to the great job that Humira has done for me.  I had some hip and knee soreness but believe that was due more to the accumulation of miles, rather than Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I have spent this past week recuperating...slowing to a walk but trying to stay active.  In the words of Tom Petty, "I won't back down."  I will keep running, improve my gate and form, add weight training, keep cleaning up my eating, and continue to fight autoimmune disease.  

My keys to success?   1.  A beautiful and motivating daughter who encouraged me every step of the way.  2.  A superb group of coaches provided via the YMCA.  3.  Listening to my body---pushing at times, and pulling back when needed.  4.  Eating more cleanly than I have in years.  5.  A determination to not let rheumatoid arthritis define me.

Please follow,  join, comment, chat and encourage.  I want to form a community of encouraging and supportive RA Warriors.  


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