Panic at the disco?

Nope!   It is just my running lights.  What things do you do to stay safe when you run?

My number one rule is visibility.  I also have a reflector wrapped on my left wrist, blinking lights on my front right pocket, and blinking lights on my left ankle.  It is quite a sight.   There is a high likelihood that there is a  blurry picture of me running on some UFO sighting websites :)  Since the time "sprung" forward, my morning runs have generally started in the dark.   No complaints from me because there is something special about seeing the sunrise as you are working through your run.    But, I do encourage everyone in a similar set of circumstances to buy and deploy lots of lights, reflectors or other means of identifying yourself to drivers.

I run on sidewalks and generally feel quite safe, but you really do need to be determined to be safe.   That might mean several things....running in a familiar area, running with a training partner or group, and running with lights and/or reflectors.    There are too many terrible accidents, and too many terrifying near-misses.

So, this pic is at the close of my four-mile training run this morning.   Thus far, I am grateful that my body has behaved fairly well.  This is my first year of completing 10K training while taking Humira.  So far, so good.

A post on my Humira experience---to date-- is forthcoming.  But in the meantime, please share your safety tips for runners and walkers.  I would love to learn from you....and would love for my other readers to have that opportunity as well.

Have a great weekend, friends.  I hope everyone is doing well.


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